ThinkPad X1 Carbon- mA?y tA�nh xA?ch tay cao ca??p dA�nh cho doanh nhA?n

by dang phung June 1, 2015 at 12:54 am

ThA?ng 2, Lenovo A�A? cho ra ma??t tha�� tr?�a�?ng cA?ng ngha�� ma?�u mA?y tA�nh xA?ch tay cao ca??p ThinkPad X1 Carbon tha?? ha�� ma��i va��i thia??t ka?? tinh ta??, nha�? ga�?n dA�nh cho doanh nhA?n. A�Sa??nA� pha?�m cha�� na?�ng 1,3 kg vA� A�a�� ma�?ng ch?�a A�a?�y 17,7mm. TA?n A�a?�y A�a�� lA�A�New ThinkPad X1 Carbon Ultrabooka�?.


LiA?n ta�?c ca??i tia??n vA� sa��a cha�?a cA?c khuya??t A�ia�?m, nhA� sa??n xua??t Trung Qua��c ma��i nA?m la??i update cA?c phiA?n ba??n Carbon X1 A�a�? phA? ha�?p va��i ng?�a�?i dA?ng ( A�?�??ng nhiA?n A�a�? ta??o ra 1 sa??n pha?�m ?�ng A? thA� sa?? khA?ng trA?nh kha�?i khuya??t A�ia�?m ). PhiA?n ba??n nA?m 2013 A�a��t phA? va��i mA�n hA�nh ca??m a��ng nh?�ng A�A? khA?ng kA�o A�a�� dA�i cho 1 la?�n sa??c, tha�?i l?�a�?ng pin cha�� A�a??t 8,6h vA� ga??t ba�? bA�n phA�m a�?A�a��c quya�?na�? ca��a mA�nh. A?ia�?u nA�y A�A? khia??n cho hA?ng ma??t khA?ng A�t fan rua��t.

>>> La��a cha�?n thia??t ba�� cA?ng ngha�� ta��t h??n va��i sa�� A�A?nh giA? cA?ng ngha�� ta�� chA?ng tA?i.

La?�n ra ma??t phiA?n ba??n ma��i ThinkPadX1 Carbon A�?�a�?c xem lA� a�?cA? hA�cha�? A�a�? Lenovo la??y la??i uy tA�n, bA? A�a??p nha�?ng thia??u xA?t tr?�a��c A�A?y thA?ng qua nha�?ng b?�a��c ca??i tia??n ha�?p lA?, sA?ng ta??o.


ThinkPad x1 Carbon Tha?? ha�� 3 A�?�a�?c xem lA� 1 trong chia??c Utrabook 14 inch ma??nh ma?? nha??t tha?? gia��i va��i tha�?i gian dA?ng lA?n ta��i 10,9 tia??ng, A�?�a�?c trang ba�� cA?ng ngha�� sa??c pin siA?u ta��c Rapid Charge giA?p mA?y nhanh chA?ng la??y la??i nA?ng l?�a�?ng, tA?ng hia��u sua??t lA�m via��c. MA?y sa�Y ha�?u mA�n hA�nh ca??m a��ng va��i A�a�� phA?n gia??i 2K (2560 x 1440 pixel), Ram 8GB.


Ca??u hA�nh mA?y tA�nh Lenovo ThinkPad x1 Carbon cA�ng A�?�a�?c trang ba�� a�� ca��ng siA?u ta��t SSD sa�� da�?ng giao tia??p PCIe hia��u sua??t cao h??n ha??n cA?c a�� ca��ng tiA?u chua?�n, l?�u tra�? thA?ng tin nhanh h??n 80%. NgoA�i ra, mA?y cA�ng A�?�a�?c ca?�p nha?�p ba�� vi xa�� lA? Intel Core tha?? ha�� 5 cA?ng hA�ng loa??i cA?c pha�? kia��n ma��i nha??t tha?? gia��i nha?�m ta??o ra cA?c tra??i nghia��m thA? va�� cho ng?�a�?i dA?ng.

>>> CA?ng ca?�p nha?�t nha�?ng sa�� kia��n cA?ng ngha�� ma��i nha??t va��i nha�?ng sa??n pha?�m ma��i hA�ng A�a?�u.


Thia??t ka?? ca��a ThinkPad X1 ma�?ng nha??, ma??nh ma?? vA� ca�� A�ia�?n va��i mA�u A�en A�a?�c tr?�ng, A�em la??i sa�� sang tra�?ng cho sa??n pha?�m. ThA?n mA?y A�?�a�?c gia ca�� ba?�ng nha�?ng sa�?i Carbon cao ca??p a�� A�?�a�?c dA?ng trong cA?ng nghia��p mA?y bay hia��n A�a??i giA?p cho mA?y luA?n ba�?n ba�� vA� A�t A�a�? la??i va??t vA?n tay ba�? ma?�t.


Ma��t vA�i A�ia�?m nha??n ma��i a�Y ThinkPad X1 lA� cA?c bA�n phA�m A�?�a�?c ba�� sung cha��c nA?ng Row, cha?? A�a�� A�A?n led ba?�t thA?ng minh trong A�ia�?u kia��n thia??u sA?ng kA?m theo A�A? lA� nA?t chua��t chuyA?n da�?ng cho Trackpoint. Lenovo cA�ng A�A? ma�Y ra��ng phA�m Backspace, tA?ng c?�a�?ng cA?c phA�m ta??t truya�?n tha��ng A�a�? A�ia�?u cha��nh A?m l?�a�?ng, c?�a�?ng A�a�� sA?ng,a�� trA?n mA?y, ta??o ra tA�nh tia��n A�ch h??n nhia�?u so va��i cA?c phiA?n ba??n tia�?n nhia��m.


CA? tha�? nA?i, A�A?y A�?�a�?c xem lA� sa??n pha?�m ?�ng A? nha??t ca��a Lenovo, A�em ta��i cho ng?�a�?i dA?ng nha�?ng tra??i nghia��m tuya��t va�?i da��a trA?n nA�t truya�?n tha��ng. ThinkPad X1 Carbon tha��c sa�� lA� 1 sa??n pha?�m khA? lA?ng ba�? qua na??u ba??n lA� tA�n A�a�� cA?ng ngha��, mua��n tA�m ta��i sa�� ma�?ng nha?? nh?�ng A�a?�y ma??nh ma??. A?A? cA�ng lA� lA? do sa??n pha?�m ma��i ra trA�nh lA�ng thia??t ka?? mA� A�A? cA? nhia�?u ng?�a�?i A�a?�t hA�ng, A�a?�c bia��t lA� gia��i doanh nhA?n thA�nh A�a??t.

>>> Ba??n ca?�n t?� va??n thA?m va�? cA?c va??n A�a�? cA?ng ngha�� khA?c nhau.

Chi tia??t ca??u hA�nh Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon

Ba�� xa�� lA?
Up to IntelA� Corea�? i7-5600U Processor (4M Cache, Up to 3.20 GHz)
Ha�� tra�? HDH
  • Windows 8.1 (64 bit)
  • Windows 8.1 Pro (64 bit)
  • Windows 7 Professional (64 bit) cA? tha�? ha�� tra�? update lA?n windows 8.1 64 bit
A?a�� ha�?a
IntelA� HD Graphics 5500
Ba�� nha��
4GB / 8GB DDR3L-12800 1600 MHz
MA�n hA�nh
  • 14a�? FHD TN (1920 x 1080) (300 nit)
  • 14a�? WQHD+ (2560 x 1440) (300 nit)
  • 14a�? WQHD+ (2560 x 1440) Touch Screen (270 nit)
Tra�?ng l?�a�?ng
Starting at 2.877 lbs
720p Camera
a�� ca��ng
Up to 512GB SSD
Digital Dual Array, Voice Input SW enabled Only (by country), MSFT Lynch certification
Up to 10.9 hours MM12 (50 Wh)
BA�n phA�m
Backlit 6-row Keyboard
I/O Ports
2 x USB 3.0 (1 with AOU), Audio / Mic Combo OneLink Dock, HDMI, MiniDP, Ethernet ext. port

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